Minimum Deposit Bonus Minimum Withdrawal Withdrawal Limit Application
RM50 RM50 RM288 RM288 To apply, please contact 24HR online customer service

《Promotion Participation》

  • The promotion is only limited to members who have NOT wagered on sports. The promotion is valid only for Major European Football Leagues (Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga, EFL League One, UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, and FIFA World Cup). Each member can only claim the bonus ONCE (1).

《Bonus Usage》

  • The minimum deposit amount is RM50, and there are no rollover requirements. To be eligible for withdrawal, members only need to use the promotion bonus given to place bets and obtain a profit above RM288. Any amount exceeding the maximum withdrawal of RM288 will be deducted by the system automatically.
  • After the starter bonus is distributed to the member’s account, no further deposit add on will be accepted. 
  • The promotion bonus cannot be combined and used together with others.
  • Any bets, draws, other hedge bets (cross-site betting), rejected bets, invalid bets, ties, or sports bets with odds below 1.70 (European odds), odds bet (Malaysian odds 0.70; Hong Kong odds 0.70; Indonesian odds -1.20; America odds -120) and non-sports related clause will NOT be counted as valid bets.
  • Failure to use the promotion bonus within 30 days after the distribution will forfeit the said bonus and all profits earned.


  • The promotion is for entertainment purposes only. ONS88 reserves the right to freeze the balance and close the suspected account if a member is found to have multiple accounts with the same (i) name, (ii) email address, (iii) IP address (or similar), (iv) residential address, (v) bank account, (vi) computer and more, and displays abnormal betting behaviour.
  • ONS88 may interpret any bets placed through a 「robot」, 「dual/multiple windows」or an illegal third-party software as illegitimate, and reserves the right to freeze the balance and close the suspected account.
  • Valid bets do not include bets placed on the following games: (i) live/real-time (except Baccarat), (ii) video poker, (iii) Roulette, (iv) Pontoon, (v) arcade, (vi) craps, (vii) VIP Baccarat, (viii) Casino War, (ix) Texas Holdem, (x) Pai Gow, (xi) fishing, (xii) card/chess, (xiii) multi-spin slots and (xiv) double-bonus slots.
  • Any bets, draws, hedge bets (cross-site), rejected bets, void bets, ties or sports bets (Indonesia odds) with odds lower than 1.70 (Europe odds), 0.70 (Malaysia odds), 0.70 (Hong Kong odds), -1.20, -120 (America odds) and other non-sports bets are not valid bets.
  • ONS88 reserves the right to freeze the balance and close the relevant account once it is verified that any individual/team/organization is suspected of using dishonest means or fraud to deceive/abuse the bonuses.
  • ONS88 reserves the right to amend, terminate or definitively interpret and change the promotion without prior notice.
  • If any illegal betting is found, the deposit (including the profit and bonus) will be frozen, and the system will automatically clear the balance to zero (0)

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